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  • Space turism
    Many people dreams to visit in space, but only few have a chance to be an astronaut etc. Space travel is new and expected way of travelling.
  • Has sick leave become rampant in organizations?
    The rates at which employees go on sick leave in most organizations have become very alarming. Organizations that get too much report of sick leaves are left with no choice than to pay another employee for the job to be done and also pay the salary of the
  • Food is art, food is business
    People already thousands of years ago learned how to enjoy food. Nowadays there are people who eat to not to feel hungry-and fast, and people who enjoy food. Restaurant business - is there still anything new that could be invented?
  • Challenges for Entrepreneurship at present !
    Every single human has entrepreneurial skills deep inside them. Some take advantage of the opportunities and let their entrepreneurial side flourish, others keep in buried in them. Entrepreneurship is much different in 21st century than earlier world order. There are lot of challenges that an entrepreneur face.
  • Team 3: Positiveness is the key.
    Much can be done with positiveness and change of the company's name. Measurements are not that important if you know that your methods are pure gold!