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  • “Green” optical storage medium
    Optical storage media currently widely used are petroleum polymers based products. A new Eco-innovation project studies the possibility to produce optical storage media based on biopolymers.
  • Sustainable hotels
    Right cleaning methods and proper education based on the subject is the basis to sustainable development and ecolocigal cleaning. I have tried to come up with some ideas to improve the situation of hotel cleaning based on what Scandic does nowadays to keep their work sustainable.
  • Quality over Quantity; Global Impact to Business Ethics
    Due to current over-consumption, business ethics might change to more quality over quantity –thinking. Profit would no longer be the only factor in political and business decision making. Environmental issues are already being discussed and evaluated globally.
  • The Renaissance of hybrid drive
    The hybrid technology which is almost as old as the automobile experiences a renaissance. Hybrid is great, combustion engines are Ugh – of course it is not so simple.