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  • Multiculturalism has failed- are we too racist?
    Europe is becoming more and more aware of its own borders and sees a need in protecting its people from immigrants from the poorer continent. A statement like that should make us really think about those who for certain circumstances cannot live in their country.
  • Racism and prejudices in Kotimaa forum
    Kotimaa forum (Keskisuomalainen) is a place where you can discuss about urgent news in Finland. However it is also a place for prejudices and discrimination, which are often linked to the news. This creates unequality and gives the opportunity for provoking racist arguments and exaggeration to blossom.
  • Realism is not racism according to Homma Foorumi
    Homma forum is significant Internet phenomenon in Finland. Discussion forum founded by group of Finnish internet writers who are critically commenting Finnish policy on immigration. According to writers the forum is only real discussion stage in Finland about immigration.